• FOG is the cholesterol of our nation’s sewers; 800-17,000 lbs/restaurant/year are discharged into them

  • Only 30% of restaurants comply with municipal ordinances to control FOG; the rest unknowingly do not

  • FOG is a contributing cause of roughly 25% of the nation’s 75,000 sewage overflows annually, resulting in billions of gallons spilling into our streets, cities, and waterways

Let BlueBridge help your utility build the right FOG program for your community. BlueBridge’s specialization is the development of resource recovery cooperatives, but effective FOG programs can include traditional FOG regulation, cooperatives, preferred hauler programs, franchise agreements, or any combination of those alternatives. BlueBridge’s services for the development of FOG management programs recognize that the right FOG solution is unique to every municipality.


BlueBridge provides strategic planning and roadmapping using the BridgeBuilder process to establish a tailored program structure or changes to existing structure that align a utility’s FOG program with its community’s waste management, sustainable infrastructure, resource recovery, and financial goals.


BlueBridge works closely and collectively with pretreatment and resource recovery programs, plant and collection system operators, utility and municipal leadership, local restaurants, and local haulers to connect stakeholders to common goals and to best overcome operational and cultural challenges.

Strategic services include:

  • assessing existing ordinances and authorities

  • collecting and analyzing data on restaurant and device inventories, SSOs, hot spots, associated costs, baseline program costs, and compliance rates

  • for utilities with codigestion goals, quantifying recoverable feedstock volumes within the community

  • aligning program structures with council and board-visioned strategic goals and priorities for the community

  • calculating and assessing both the resource value of recoverable FOG and the value of its removal from the collection system in the context of program alternatives

BridgeBuilder ultimately provides recommendations and a roadmap for a tailored FOG program to achieve utility and community goals along with a cost-benefit assessment of alternative strategies.

Program Development

Once FOG program structure and strategy have been established by the utility, BlueBridge supports utilities with general program development and implementation to align with program goals, including:

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  • FOG ordinance, rule and policy development or revision

  • service and cleaning criteria

  • device sizing and performance criteria

  • service, cleaning and disposition criteria;

  • inspection prioritization criteria and schedules

  • inspection and enforcement processes and training

  • tracking and record-keeping systems

  • preferred hauler criteria, implementation and administration

  • branding and marketing the program to city leadership, business organizations and chambers of commerce

Preferred Hauler & Franchised FOG Services

BlueBridge supports municipal and regional FOG programs in the development and administration of preferred hauler programs and/or franchise agreements:

  • development of service criteria

  • development and administration of selection criteria and processes

  • development and review of contracts and agreements with preferred or contracted haulers, including service and disposition criteria



For an innovation that thus far has only a few industry pioneers, industry support on the how-to’s and lessons learned for FOG cooperatives is limited. BlueBridge’s expertise in supporting the development and administration of cooperative recovery programs is unparalleled. BlueBridge supports the development and implementation of:

  • terms of service for member restaurants

  • requests for proposals (RFPs) and selection processes for contracted haulers and supporting vendors (e.g., line jetting)

  • service scheduling criteria and programs

  • service pricing schedules, billing and cost-recovery

  • documentation and record-keeping

  • member recruitment and marketing programs and strategies, including development of intern and grease ambassador strategies

  • stakeholder engagement and public/member relations, including chamber(s) of commerce, restaurants organizations, and internal stakeholders

  • administrative software tools and systems

Program Administration

Once your resource recovery cooperative is structured and implemented, BlueBridge is available to provide ongoing support, from general consultancy on specific program challenges to full 3rd-party administration of your co-op. Cooperatives can be administered entirely by the utility, entirely by BlueBridge, or specific aspects of your cooperative can be supported by BlueBridge with general program administration remaining within the utility. For some administrative programs, there are clear benefits to 3rd-party administration. BlueBridge administrative program support services include:

  • administration of fluid brokerage processes to keep vendor quality up and prices down

  • service scheduling and administration of billing and collection processes

  • marketing and recruitment support

  • stakeholder engagement and public/member relations

  • data and administrative coordination between co-op and industrial pretreatment/inspection programs

  • data analysis and administrative reporting

Contact us at BlueBridge to discuss how we can help your utility become an industry leader in FOG management and recovery.