David McNeil  Founder & CEO

David McNeil

Founder & CEO


BlueBridge founder David McNeil has been a water, wastewater, and environmental industry leader in Arizona for over twenty-five years. Twenty of those years were from within a large municipal utility in Tempe, Arizona, providing leadership for city-wide programs for environmental compliance, including Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water compliance.

In Tempe, David oversaw programs for industrial pretreatment and source control, stormwater, backflow, water quality monitoring and laboratory, water quality strategic planning, technical and advisory interests in the regional wastewater conveyance and treatment partnership, and industrial and commercial billing and rate calculations, as well as contributing to periodic rate study analyses and adjustments and periodic CIP and general planning processes. He built cross-departmental strategic partnerships to support environmental, regulatory, and sustainability programs by connecting processes, programs and internal stakeholders with common goals.

David has been a regional and national player in water innovation for a quarter century, serving on the Board of Directors of the Western Coalition of Arid States, as Chair of the Maricopa Association of Governments Water Quality Advisory Committee, and on over a dozen committees for the Water Environment Federation, Water Research Foundation, AZ Water Association, and International Water Association. He was the architect of innovative concepts in regulatory compliance, organizational efficacy, source control, and resource recovery, including the Tempe Grease Cooperative, a nationally award-winning and internationally recognized innovation for sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy through the effective management of restaurant fat, oil, and grease (FOG).

He has participated in federal, state and county rule making processes and provided expert witness testimony at administrative and state legislative hearings on drinking water quality, reclaimed water, wastewater, aquifer protection, and biosolids regulation.

David founded BlueBridge to help water and sewer utilities and their communities build bridges of partnership and innovation for clean and safe water, and resource recovery.